Organisational structure

Promise will be a non-profit association under danish law. Founded by Anders Lemke-Holstein.

This ensures that the organisation is owned by the users, and will never be sold to highest bidder.

This following is a draft of the articles governing the association.

§1 Purpose

The purpose of the association is to run and develop is an identity provider offering global single sign-on (SSO) to users.

The association is committed to run in a way that will never compromise users privacy. must be run in a way that allows users to decentralize authentication. This means keeping the source code open source, and being in compliance with the Promise Protocol.

§2 Members

Membership of the association requires ownership of a domain that is active as a relying party on

§3 Exclusion

Both the committee and the general meeting has authority to exclude members.

When excluded you can both loose right to use and being member of the association.

§3.1 Reasons for exclusion

Exclusion can only happen if the member behaves in a way that can be related to hurting society or people.

§4 Membership subscription

Each member pays subscription based on the load they put on the platform that runs

It is the responsibility of the board to ensure that subscriptions covers the expenses of running and developing

§5 General meeting

The general meeting is the highest authority of the association. All members of the association can participate in the general meeting.

§5.1 Time

The general meeting is held every year in september.

§5.2 Notice

The board will send a notice to all members about the general meeting at least 14 days in advance.

Notice will be delivered by e-mail to each members billing email.

§5.3 Voting

Each member has one vote at the general meeting.

§5.4 Agenda

The agenda for the general meeting must at least include the following:

§6 Board

The association is managed by a board of up to 5 members.

Is should constitute itself with - A chair - Deputy chair - Treasurer

Being a board member is not paid.

§6.1 Periods

Board members are elected every year at the general meeting.

§6.2 Employment

The board has authority to employ an executive officer to manage day-to-day running of the association.

§7 Economy

§7.1 Accounts

The accounting period follows the calendar year.

Annual accounts are adopted by the general meeting.

§7.2 Accountant

The accountant appointed by the board will approve the accounts and make sure the associations rules are respected.

Any remarks from the accountant should be enclosed with the annual accounts.

§7.3 Authorization to sign

The chair of the board has authorization to sign.

§8 Changing the rules

All paragraphs except paragraphs mentioned in §8.1 can be changed on the general meeting.

It requires at least 25% of the votes to be cast, and changes can be made if at least 3/4 votes for the change.


To change §9 or §8.1 all votes should be cast, and they should be unanimous.

§9 Dissolution

Dissolution of the association requires transferring ownership of the domain to a third party.

This requires unanimity between all members of the association.

§10 Capital

In the case of dissolution all capital in the association is donated to Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Fighting Cancer) in Denmark.

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