Authentication infrastructure for the internet. Just that.

Promise is a single-sign-on platform using a standard protocol. It is non-profit. We're just here to fix authentication for all of us. Nothing else. We promise!

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Authentication status quo

Create a new password

OK, I got this. Probably should create a new password for this, but I'll use that same ol' one. I do feel a bit guilty, though. What? I can't? 12 character limit? OK, then …

Use social sign in

OK, let's use this. I hope I won't get too many ads about this specific product category. And also, I hope no one in my family starts seeing ads within this product category, and …

Authentication utopia

Use Promise

Oh, what a nice solution to a common problem. One password for everything. This is how it should be. I like it.

Key features for users

  • 👤
    Your personally identifiable information (your e-mail) is not shared with anyone. In fact, it is not even stored anywhere (except in your browser to show that you are signed in as you). That means, that even in the case of a breach, it will be impossible to identify you.
  • 👥
    You will get a unique identity pr. service you use. This ensures that relying parties have no way to profile you across services.
  • 🔐
    Your identities are only stored in an encrypted format. To provide account recovery keys are generated for decrypting your identities. Those keys are stored seperately from production data.
  • 😌
    Easy to use
    Promise uses concepts you already know. Nothing new to learn and understand.

Key features for businesses

  • 🌐
    Web domain based
    If you have a domain name, you can use Promise.
  • 🔓
    No secrets to keep
    You will only get a unique random identifier for a user. There is nothing inherently secret in this information, and it can not be used to identify the human being behing. You'll sleep better.
  • 😍
    Developer friendly
    Promise uses open standards that is easy to become familiar with. That makes it very easy to get started.
  • The right thing to do
    Start building trust with your users instead of making them create more password or selling their data to others.

The core values at Promise


We care about sleep. Deeply. And the only way we can sleep at night, is by building a truly secure system robust to incidents, but with detailed procedures for incident handling.


Decoupling authentication from personal identity makes this the solution that potentially can become universal. Promise is an authentication provider completely void from personal identity.


Promise has no commercial interests. No ads to show. You never have to worry if your data will be sold to highest bidder. It won't.

Open source

The source code for Promise is available for anyone to read. This ensures that both quality and security is as high as humanly possible.

By humans, for humans

Promise is made by human beings. The only interest is to serve other human beings. We're not here for profits. We only care about creating a piece of internet infrastructure that will make all of our digital lives just a little bit easier and more secure.

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Try it now

To get a sense of how this works, you can try signing in to the Sandbox.

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